Top places to live when health concerns are presen …

Top places to live when health concerns are presen …

Anyone in your family that has health concerns and is looking to move may need to think twice about certain locations.  In a recent study on autism and the best places to live, it was found that greater New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Boston, Northern New Jersey, Philadelphia, Seattle and Milwaukee were some of the best places to live if a family member has any level of autism because there are better support networks in these areas.

If you want to relocate with a family member that has a health concern, whether it is autism or some other health issue, there are certainly some cities in the US that have better medical facilities and healthcare programs.  Raleigh North Carolina, as an example, has Duke University Medical Center, which is considered one of the best in the nation.

In terms of the western states, Colorado tends to be a hub for western Kansas, Nebraska and Wyoming.  This is not to say that these other states do not have good facilities, but major networks all rely on Colorado for western state health care.  These are just some of the considerations when discussing a move in the US that should be weighed up.

If you are not looking for the best of the best in terms of facilities but want a hospital close to your new home, this is also another consideration to make with relocation.  There are still small towns without hospitals or large enough facilities to handle certain illnesses.

Lance Grooms