Top 5 Tips to Surviving a Long Distance Move

Top 5 Tips to Surviving a Long Distance Move

A long-distance move can make 24-hours feel more than 78-hours, and 78-hours feel more like an entire week. There’s no denying that the process of moving is an exhausting task but one that is certainly worth it. However, add in a long distance drive and the idea can seem all too unbearable. Fortunately, with these tips, you can not only survive a long distance move but also enjoy your time while doing so.

Pack for the Long Haul

It’s easy to assume that moving is the same, regardless of the duration and destination. However, this couldn’t be anymore untrue. It’s crucial to pack for the long haul, paying special attention to the conditions of the drive and destination. Use professional packing boxes to ensure your belongings can withstand being handled, moved, bumped, and jolted for several hours on end. It can get bumpy in a moving truck! You also want to make sure everything is well cushioned for that exact reason. Stuffing those free cardboard boxes sitting on the curb with old newspaper simply won’t do justice during a long move.

Have a Traveling Box

Before you pack, seal, tape and load up all your belongings, make sure you have separated a couple of items to take with you. You’ll want to have an extra pair of clothes per person – just in case, some pillows and a blanket for mid-road-trip naps, hygiene products such as toothbrushes, hand sanitizer,and face wipes, and anything else you think you’ll need during the move or shortly upon arrival.

Load According to Importance

When your entire life is packed up in boxes, it’s important to prioritize which ones contain the most important items. And we aren’t talking about importance with regards to value. Instead, you want to prioritize the boxes that have items you’ll need upon arrival. Think toiletries, cleaning supplies, entertainment for the kids, etc. Then, allow these boxes to be the last ones packed in the moving truck so they can also be the first ones out.

You also want to make sure all of your items are thoroughly cleaned prior to packing. This is particularly important for items such as outdoor furniture. If you’re crossing state lines, there are certain moving regulations you need to follow and you want to ensure there are no insects, pests or larvae making the trip with you.

Have Your Technology Charged

If nothing else, make sure your tech devices are fully charged before you hit the road. Your kids will be thankful for them, and you will be thankful for your kids being distracted. If you don’t have kids, all the better – no need to share your iPad!

Jokes aside, technology is an excellent way to pass the time during a long move.  You can play some games, go shopping online for some new household items or sharpen up on your organization skills by creating to-do lists for your new home.

So, charge up those tablets and all your smartphones, bring a portable power bank and definitely don’t forget the car charger. They might seem trivial in the grand scheme of things but entertainment is the key to surviving a long move.

Make Use of the Duration

Speaking of passing the time, you can take the long duration to prep your new home from a distance. As mentioned, create to-do lists while on the road, go household shopping online or when you pull over to stretch your legs, download interior design applications that allow you to design your home virtually. A long move doesn’t have to be an unproductive one.

All that’s left to do is sit back and relax. As you come closer to your destination, the excitement will rise and you’ll forget all about those long hours you spend waiting for arrival.