Top 5 Tips to Securing Your Holiday Decorations Du …

Top 5 Tips to Securing Your Holiday Decorations Du …

With the holiday season fast approaching and your moving day following en suite, you want to ensure your decorations survive the trip. After all, this is your first holiday season in your new house and it deserves to be decorated and celebrated. To ensure your bulbs, lights and holiday wreaths will survive the bumps of moving day, here are some tips to implement prior to the move.

Separate your Items based on Fragility

The first step to properly securing your holiday decorations for moving day is to separate the items based on how fragile they are. This allows you to properly pack each ornament and box accordingly. You may also come across some items that are already damaged and/or worn, which allows you to toss them out prior to the move. This can save you in time, work and even money, depending on how many items you discard.

Learn How to Pack Holiday Decorations Properly

Holiday decorations are some of the most fragile items you’ll be moving, and since you’re doing it so close to the holidays, you won’t have the extra time to go out and replace all of your bulbs. So, it’s important to pack your decorations properly to ensure they’re ready to be hung up when you move into your new home.

There are various packing accessories and materials you can use to keep your holiday decorations safe during the move. Grab some dividers that have slots to separate your breakables, and individually wrap every decoration with bubble wrap. You might be able to pack some of your decorations with packing paper, depending on how the item is made but when in doubt, bubble wrap.

Individually wrapping every item may seem like a timely process but if you want to keep your prized possessions in one piece, properly packing them is mandatory.

Fill Any and All Voids

Once you have your items individually wrapped with the proper packing materials, it’s imperative that you fill any and all voids. If there’s any space in between the decoration and its container, or in the container as a whole, there’s a good possibility the items will become damaged.

You don’t want your fragile items to have any room to move, especially when being transported via a large moving truck. So, take any extra packing paper you have, scrunch them up and stuff them in any empty spaces you can find.

Use Plastic Bins

Moving day is almost always associated with an abundance of cardboard boxes because they can move almost everything in your household. However, when it comes to transporting such fragile items, it’s recommended to swap out the cardboard boxes for some plastic containers. This will add an extra layer of protection for your holiday decorations, so they’ll be more likely to survive the bumps of the move.

However, if using plastic containers to store your holiday decorations, it’s absolutely imperative to add bubble wrap to the sides since any items that hit it could break.

The good thing about using plastic containers is that your holiday decorations can be stored in them moving forward, whereas cardboard boxes tend to deteriorate over time.

Label Your Holiday Decorations with Priority

Typically, holiday decorations wouldn’t be one of the first things you need to be removed from the moving truck. However, since you’re moving close to the holidays, you want to make sure you can access them as soon as you’re ready to decorate. Without a proper label, these boxes can easily get lost in the pile. And since you won’t start the holidays without them, you’ll have to go through all the boxes until you find your holiday decorations.

So, save yourself the hassle, label the boxes properly, and load them into the truck at the end.

Moving prior to the holidays can be the best gift of all. You just have to make sure all of your decorations will survive the move, so you can decorate your new humble abode upon arrival.