Top 5 Tips for Moving into a Mobile Home Community

Top 5 Tips for Moving into a Mobile Home Community

With real estate prices climbing in many areas of the nation, more and more people are turning to mobile home living. Mobile home communities have sprung up in the most affluent of cities, giving people access to affordable housing that has the added benefit of easy relocation. Moving into a mobile home community can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t know what to expect. Bekins Moving Solutions is dedicated to keeping our clients informed no matter where they move. We have done all the hard work for you and gathered the top tips for moving into a mobile home community.

1. Thoroughly Read the Rental Agreement

Before you move into a mobile home community, you will be presented with a rental agreement. Rental agreements in different communities can vary greatly, so always read the fine print. There isn’t a boilerplate lease agreement that each community uses. Some agreements are all-inclusive while others are not. Always read the rental agreement completely before signing it. If you do not understand a part of the rental agreement, you need to consult with a real estate attorney who can answer your questions. Do not ever feel pressured to sign a rental agreement. You should be allowed time to read your agreement thoroughly and understand the terms before signing.

2. Check for a Deposit

Just like renting an apartment or home, many mobile home communities require an initial deposit before moving in. The deposit will often be equivalent to a month’s rent, but can vary. If you own a mobile home or trailer, see if you can get a discounted rate on the plot rental.

3. Live Up to Standards

If you move your mobile home into a mobile home community, you are responsible for maintenance and upkeep of that mobile home per the standards required by the community. These standards should be laid out clearly in your rental agreement. Put aside some money to get your mobile home up to standards if it needs some work.

4. Get Insured

Most mobile home communities require that you have mobile home insurance. Mobile home insurance will give you coverage of water, fire, and wind damage. You will also get coverage for personal injury and liability if anyone is injured in your mobile home.

5. Visit the Community

Visit the mobile home park before signing a rental agreement. Sometimes a picture of the community is deceiving. Try and talk to some of the residents that already live there to get an idea of what the community is like. Bonus, you will already know a few of your neighbors, which make relocating to the new mobile home community easier.

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