Top 5 States for Millennials to move to

Top 5 States for Millennials to move to

Millennials are moving on out and moving on up in this world. As the baby boomers prepare to retire, millions of jobs are opening up. This will likely cause many millennials to think outside of their small town, and maybe even possible outside of their state. After all, it’s the generation that is all about traveling, finding adventure, being free spirited and taking risks without ever looking back. So while moving across the United States wasn’t common for 20-something-year-olds to do a couple of centuries ago, it’s quite the opposite today.

However, not every state is created equally. Some have more affordable homes for sale, whereas others will have better job offerings; some will be boring; some will be filled with retirees and some will be full of nightlife. Each state is different, which is what makes this country so amazing.

In order to ensure a positive experience, although millennials have a way of always looking on the brighter side, you may want to consider which states are thriving for young individuals such as yourself. Prepare to be surprised!

The following information was gathered from a survey conducted by Money-Rates, and was based on various factors, such as youth unemployment, college tuition, nightlife and rent prices.

North Dakota

A surprising first place is the state of North Dakota. It’s assumed that because of the booming economic and oil industries, many millennials are flocking to this state to as the baby boomers retire. The unemployment rate for youths is significantly lower than the average for other states, coming in at a mere 4.6% as opposed to the 10.7%

South Dakota

Again with the Dakota states. They may just become the new Vegas and New York City of America as millennials step into their career fields. South Dakota is cheaper to live in than North Dakota, with just as many job opportunities, which lands it second on the list of top state for millennials to move to.


With the second lowest rate of youth unemployment, Nebraska places third on the list for the top 5 states for millennials to move to. Unfortunately, finding a home to buy in this area can be a little difficult, as the housing market has yet to catch up with this state’s ever-growing population.


Coming in with a low youth unemployment rate, Iowa State is the fourth best state for millennials to move to. However, research showed that the Internet connectivity isn’t great, which can be a quick deterrent for everyone who grew up in the digital age.


If you want beauty, entertainment education and success then Montana could very well be the state for you, because it sure is for other millennial. This state is ranked for being one of the best states in American for nightlife, with a highly concentration of bars, pubs and bars. Oddly enough, it also has just as many health facilities.

Just when you think living in a shoebox in New York is worth the expensive rent, you may want to reconsider. These 5 states may shock you, but research shows that they’re thriving with millennials and for all the right reasons.