Top 5 Reasons for a Storage Space

Top 5 Reasons for a Storage Space

To some, a storage space may seem like a luxury and one only for people who either live in a small home or like to hoard their belongings. But don’t be mistaken, storage units are an excellent option for everyone out there and truly, it’s the smartest of people that take advantage of them. Here’s why.  

Give Yourself More Space

Walk into any home – whatever the size – and you’ll almost always find an abundance of areas taken up by storage. Whether it’s under the staircase, stacked in a closet, stored under the bed or crammed in a spare bedroom, everyone has stuff that really doesn’t serve a purpose in the home on a regular basis. Think holiday decorations, important documents, and memorabilia. We all have them but rarely do we need them. Storing such items in your home simply takes up space you can be making use of.

So, clear out some space, put your stored items in a storage unit and suddenly, you’ll have a significant amount of square footage to take advantage of; square footage you never even knew existed.

Save Some Money

Believe it or not but a storage unit can actually save you money in the long run. Most people have a lot of “stuff” – things you don’t necessarily need but things you can’t get rid of. The common option? Buy a bigger house.

However, renting a storage unit is a significantly cheaper alternative that doesn’t require near as much time, effort and planning. All you have to do is rent a storage unit, transport your items and you’ll be amazed to discover that you have a large amount of space to make use of. You still have your items and your home, sans the clutter. It’s perfect.

Declutter for a Future Move

Speaking of clutter, renting a storage unit will serve as a huge benefit when you’re trying to sell your house. One of the first things your real estate agent will tell you is to depersonalize and declutter. This sounds like great advice until you consider the fact that you have no idea where you’ll be storing these items in the meantime. You can’t put them in your basement or stack them in your closet because those areas also need to be decluttered. So, the best option is to rent a storage unit.

You can remove all your personal items and storage, stage your home for a quick sale and when you’re ready to move, you’ll just need to make an extra stop to your storage unit. On the bright side, those items are already packed up, organized and ready to go.


Safety is something everyone should consider when it comes to their household, especially if there are little ones running around. Most storage areas in the home are stacked like a large Jenga tower. In other words, the storage space is more like a balancing act. One bump on the wall or shift in the space and everything can come tumbling down. Not only is this dangerous for everyone living in the home, but it can also result in your items being damaged. Since replacing all of your belongings (and considering not all things are replaceable) will cost a pretty penny, renting a storage unit is a cost-efficient option that keeps you, your family and your belongings safe and secure.

A storage unit isn’t just a luxury. It comes with many benefits but it’s much more of a necessity than anything else.