Top 5 Apps to Help You Navigate Your new Neighborh …

Top 5 Apps to Help You Navigate Your new Neighborh …

Moving to a new neighborhood is exciting… And just as intimidating. You don’t know where anything is, who anyone is and you certainly don’t know what’s hidden around the next corner or in your very own backyard. You’re eager to explore but there’s one problem – you have no idea where to start.

With these top 5 applications, you can navigate your new neighborhood and discover all the amazing places surrounding you. There’s even an application to show you exactly where you don’t want to take your navigation skills.

So, let’s see what your neighborhood has to offer by checking out these incredible applications.

Field Trip

Field Trip is Google’s latest addition to the digital age and just as you would expect, it certainly delivers. With this application, available on both Androids and iPhones, Field Trip uses your location to present you with awesome things happening around you. From events to venues, Field Trip sends you a notification right to your phone when you’re in close proximity to something cool. You get to choose the distance the application searches for and how many notifications you get, giving you full control of how many hidden gems you find in your new neighborhood.


Kamino is a unique application that allows you to discover the hiking opportunities within your new neighborhood. From local trails to hidden valleys, everything can be found with the swipe of your finger. It’s completely free and you can choose the walking tours available to you based on popularity or proximity.  


If you’re looking to explore the city streets of your new neighborhood, the Mosey app is for you. It’s fairly new to the digital scene but certainly worth a download as it connects you with the best places in the area. You can choose a search based on your location or theme, or view via a map or list. As such, it’s a great application that helps you find new local restaurants to try, new retail shops to check out and much more.


Unlike the other applications that tell you where to go, this one does the exact opposite. RedZone tells you the exact areas you want to stay away from, based on crime rates. The map used data sourced from government sites and user-submitted information to determine the safety of each area and it even provides a safe route selection.

This is a huge benefit, especially when exploring a new neighborhood – one in which you have yet to discover the bad areas. Hopefully, with this application, you won’t ever have to.


When you move to a new neighborhood, everything can seem out of place. You don’t know where anything is and you certainly have no idea how to get there. CityMapper is one of the best transit applications out there that shows you exactly how to get from point A-to-B with various transit modes. So, whether you’re jumping on a bus, streetcar, train, ferry, bike or Uber, this application ensures your head in the right direction.

Better yet, CityMapper allows you to see the step-by-step directions so you can find the best route to get you to where you need to go, the best way possible.

From where to avoid, where to go and how to get there, these applications give you everything you need as you dive into a new neighborhood. Discover new venues, restaurants, events, shopping centers and hiking trails, along with all the areas you’ll want to stay away from. Just make sure you have your phone charged and a portable charging bank stored in your bag and you can be out exploring the new sights for many days to come.