Top 3 Things to be Aware of Before Moving Offices

Top 3 Things to be Aware of Before Moving Offices

With a quick search online, you’ll find an abundance of articles detailing the tasks involved with relocating offices. From which types of moving boxes are best to the advantages of using a storage unit, most of what you need to know about moving offices can be found with a bit of research. However, there are three things that are often left unsaid on those office relocation checklists. These three things can mean the difference between a successful and efficient move that’s on schedule and a stressful relocation with various disruptions and discrepancies.

To ensure the best move possible with minimal downtime and stress, it’s imperative that you know what the top three things to be aware of are before loading up the moving truck.

1) The Complexity of an IT Infrastructure

From network servers to office equipment, telecommunications, cabling, and power outlets, relocating the IT infrastructure is the most daunting task involved with an office relocation. There are various steps to ensuring a secure and effective relocation of your business’ IT infrastructure, with each requiring meticulous steps to avoid the risk of disruptions in services.
As such, it’s absolutely imperative that the relocation of the IT infrastructure is never done without IT specialists. Not only that but relocating an IT infrastructure often takes much longer than initially anticipated. So, this is not a task you’ll want to leave until the last minute.

What may also surprise you is that the relocation of your business’ IT infrastructure also requires significantly more than just transporting the servers over to the new office.

On-site visits with IT specialists is highly recommended, as this will allow your IT department to develop an accurate and effective plan for relocation. This will also provide you with the opportunity to assess communication requirements and arrange the proper set up of telecommunication services.

Additionally, during these on-site visits, you may find that the office equipment and cabling are different from what your business is used to. Being aware of this prior to the move-in date allows you to have ample time to update office equipment and processes as needed.

The IT infrastructure of any business is the most complex yet vital component to an office relocation. It needs to be planned and executed properly and by professionals to avoid the risk of losing valuable data or damaging vital office equipment, while also eliminating unnecessary downtime.

2) Valuation vs. Insurance

In the United States, moving companies are liable for the value of the goods they transport for you. However, there are several different levels of liability and the option you choose determines the type of and amount of reimbursement available if items were to become damaged or lost. More importantly, valuation is not insurance. Instead, it’s a tariff-based level of motor carrier liability.

Additionally, not all valuation packages are created equal. Bekins Moving Solutions provides Basic Liability Protection for free and this includes the replacement or repair of an item at a specific rate per pound per item. This rate can vary depending on location.

Full Replacement Value Coverage is available which covers your possessions for replacement, repair or reimbursement against loss or damage for up to 100% of the items current retail value. Bekins Moving Solutions offers various protection plans so you can choose the right plan for your company.

3) The Differences Between Moving Companies and Full-Service Moving Solutions

As a rule of thumb, an office relocation should never be executed without the help of professionals. However, not all moving companies provide the same level of service and not all are as reliable as others.

In general, moving companies provide professional movers and moving materials, such as a moving truck and moving equipment, often at an additional fee. They do the physical move for you or provide you with the tools needed for you to do the physical move but not much else other than that.

Full-Service moving solutions take care of the entire move – from start to finish. Bekins Moving Solutions provides you with a moving specialist to handle all of the details of your office relocation, from the planning process to required documents, the number and types of packing materials and much more. Bekins Moving Solutions then provides you with professionals to execute the tedious tasks involved with an office relocation, such as the packing of equipment, the loading, and unloading of items, the disassembly, and reassembly of equipment, the transportation, and the storing of your items. All staff are highly trained and go through thorough background checks to ensure a quality moving experience that is entirely stress-free for you.
So, you’ll want to evaluate the differences between moving companies and full-service moving solutions prior to deciding on one of the other. Additionally, hiring full-service professionals decreases downtime and discrepancies which can save you an abundance in the long run.

The three important things to be aware of prior to relocating your office are no secret but they’re often overlooked despite having an immense amount of power when it comes to your move. Take the time to thoroughly understand the requirements of relocating your IT infrastructure, the differences between valuation coverage options, and the value of opting for full-service movers.