Top 3 Easy Ways to Save Money When Moving your Com …

Top 3 Easy Ways to Save Money When Moving your Com …

As a business, every dollar counts. When you relocate your office, you’re doing so for the better of your business. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come without a hefty price. There are various costs associated with commercial moving, many of which are unavoidable. However, with these 3 easy steps, you can lower costs and enjoy some savings while relocating your office. 

Move When No One Else is

One of the easiest ways to save money when relocating a company is to move when no one else is! Most people move at the beginning/end of the month and on weekends. This is when they have time off and homes become available. As such, this is peak time for moving companies and peak times mean higher prices.

Since you’re doing a commercial move, you’re not limited to an exact time and date in which you can move. Even if you receive the keys to your new building on the weekend, you aren’t required to move on those days. So, if you’re able to move during the week and away from the beginning/end of the month, you could cash in on some serious savings simply by avoiding peak moving times.

Declutter and Decrease Weight

Moving day fees are often based on weight, size and time length. The more items you have, the heavier the load, the larger the truck and the longer it’ll take to load and unload your belongings. As such, the less you have to move via a moving truck, the more you’ll be able to save.

Make it your mission to declutter your office prior to moving day so you can accurately estimate the size of truck (and duration) you’ll need to relocate your company. It’s important to do this ahead of time, as it’s recommended to book a moving company, like Bekins Moving Solutions, well in advance to ensure availability and you may not be able to change the truck size later on.

Ship New Electronics Right to The New Office

If you’ll be going on a shopping spree for your new office, whether it’s for electronics, furniture, stationery or décor, there are some serious savings to be had. Instead of shipping your new belongings to the office, only to then transport them to your new office, ship the items right to the new location. Doing so will instantly eliminate the extra costs associated with adding more items for the moving company to transport. And as mentioned previously, moving companies often give a price based on weight, size and duration. So, cut out all the stops in between and schedule your electronics to arrive on the front doorstep of your new office location for some extra savings. 

Office relocation doesn’t have to come with a serious dent in your company budget. With these easy tips, you can enjoy some savings without jeopardizing productivity or efficiency of the big day.