Top 10 home designs of 2017

Top 10 home designs of 2017

The top 10 home designs of 2017 are finally revealed. From voice-activated assistance in the kitchen to warming drawers, floors and more, this year is the perfect time to update your home with some technology and style. Here are some of the best design ideas that are certain to revolutionize your interior and quality of living.

Brass Hardware

It was only a couple of years ago when stainless steel was the one and only option for hardware on appliances but times have changed. With gold hues coming back with a blast, one of the top home design trends is all about the brass – a much more affordable shiny gold tone!

Adding brass finishes into your interior is an excellent way to add warmth and a modern touch. It’s elegant yet rustic; classic yet futuristic and it goes with everything.

Voice-Activated Everything

Technology is now a vital part of everyday living and one that we all rely on to get various jobs done. However, there’s a new trend in terms of interior technology and it’s all about voice-activated devices. From Amazon’s “Alexa” to robot vacuums, voice activated alarm systems and more, smart homes are in!

Hanging Lights

Light up your interior without taking up any floor space. Hanging pendant lights are definitely at the top of the trends for home designs in 2017. It’s an excellent option for small rooms or areas in which you need stylish lights that don’t take up viable space. So, forget about table lamps and floor lamps. 2017 is all about hanging your lights.

Off-Whites on White

The previous year saw a huge increase in white interiors. Walls were white, cabinets were white, carpets, furniture, appliances, oh my. The interior home design trend was a washed out yet chic white. This year, the trends have slightly changed. Instead of using a bold accent color to add a splash of vibrancy into the interior, the home trends are all about adding subtle, quaint, off-white tones to add in some balance. It’s an incredibly clean style with a hint of vintage inspiration that is completely timeless.

Advert your Eyes to Verte

On the opposite side of the spectrum, the trending hue of 2017 is green. So, if you are looking to add some creativity into your white interior, this is the tone to use. From green walls to fresh flowers, interior plants, and green fabric accents, this unique home design trend is certain to add a spark of personality into any space.

Turning Hallways into Living Space

Here’s a top home design trend that will instantly increase the living space within your home. Interior designers are clearing out the clutter of shoes in front hallways and adding in some home décor items to turn them into living spaces. It’s amazing what a statement mirror, narrow table bench, and home décor can do for your front hallway.

An Outdoor Oasis

Forget about having a backyard. You need an outdoor oasis to call your own. So, treat your backyard as an extension of your interior and instantly increase your viable living space. From screened in areas, full exterior kitchens, flowing curtains, lounge beds, cabana bars and more, backyards are no longer just backyards.

Oversized Furniture

A refreshing change from the miniature, modern and minimalistic trend is the oversized furniture look. Homeowners are trading in their little love seats, low beds, square chairs and petite décor pieces for alternatives that are larger than life.

Marble Countertops

If you’re planning on upgrading your countertops in 2017, marble is the only way to go. White marble is a trend within various industries and can be found well throughout interior design. From marble countertops to marble print throw pillows, marble accessories and more, this is the one trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. As a bonus, it’s totally timeless.

Velvet is Back

Velvet hasn’t been a go-to fabric since the early 90s but recently; it’s been showing up everywhere. From celebrity fashion to famous interiors, people are using velvet fabric to add a pop of color and texture into their lives. The key is to have only a few velvet statement pieces, as opposed to filling your entire interior (or wardrobe) with this sultry style.

The best thing about the 10 home design trends of 2017 is that they’re all timeless. Invest in them today and you can have a modern interior that lasts for many years to come.