Tomorrow is Make a Difference Day

Tomorrow is Make a Difference Day

The fourth Saturday in October has been Make a Difference Day for more than 20 years now: it was first established by USA Weekend magazine in 1992 to encourage people to do more to make a difference in their own community. The aim is for people to volunteer for different projects in their area and to make it the biggest day of volunteering of the year.

The impact of Make a Difference Day is being felt around the world, with other countries adopting a similar approach to promoting volunteering. This year, Make a Difference Day is tomorrow, October 25th. The whole point is to improve other people’s lives and to show people that no matter what their own circumstances they have the power to help others. It could be that a person wants to start their own community project or they may simply want to join one that is already in existence ‒ all contributions will help the local community.

The range of projects is vast and therefore finding something in your neighborhood that suits your skills and the time you have available should not be difficult. This could be something such as volunteering at a hospital, working in a soup kitchen or just visiting a lonely elderly person. There is so much that can be done that can make a difference.

Many people who take part in community work and volunteering for the first time on Make a Difference Day go on to do this on a regular basis.