Today is United Nations Day

Today is United Nations Day

United Nations Day has been in place since 1947 and is celebrated on October 24th each year. This date is the anniversary of the Charter of the United Nations and in 1971 the general assembly of the UN issued a recommendation that it should be a public holiday in all countries that are members of the organization.

The point of the day is to raise awareness of the work and the goals of the UN and it is part of a week of events that takes place between October 20th and 26th. Traditionally there are meetings, workshops and exhibits in the various countries that are members; in the US, it is traditional for the president to issue a proclamation each year to mark the day.

How can you celebrate United Nations Day? In many countries it is not a public holiday but there is nothing to stop you embracing the cultural diversity of the UN. Why not create a meal for friends and family that includes dishes from countries all over the world? Some international schools are known to include cultural performances as part of their celebrations.

The UN website has a series of posters and banners that can be downloaded and printed so that you can play your part in promoting its work, and there is usually a planned concert at the General Assembly hall, which celebrates different cultures, including youth performers, to highlight the work that the UN is doing around the world with young people.