To store or to throw

When you have lots of possessions but only a very small space in which to put things, the time may be right to come up with a strategy to help to get rid of some of this excess clutter.  This could mean making the decision to rent a storage facility, or it could mean throwing some of the items away.

Putting items into a storage facility is certainly one very effective method of ridding your home of excess items.  Storage facilities are available in different sizes and you can choose to rent one that is equipped with humidity and temperature controls, though it is important to remember that a storage facility will be a monthly expense that you have to keep up unless you want to end up seeing these possessions being auctioned off.  You need to decide whether the expense is really worth it or if you might be better off selling the items concerned and making yourself a bit of money instead.

There are numerous different items that you might want to put into storage if you do decide to go in this direction, including out of season clothing that you will not be wanting to make use of until the following summer or winter and important papers that are taking up too much space at home but nonetheless need to be retained.

Other items you may wish to put into storage include additional bits of furniture you may want to give to your children someday, recreational vehicles, and garden tools.