To store or to throw

When you have an excess amount of belongings but no longer have the room to keep them, it is time to come up with a strategy to get rid of some of the excess clutter.  This can mean throwing things out, buying organizational tools or renting a storage facility.

It can be difficult to throw away some items, even if they are old or worn out, due to the fact that they were given as gifts or trigger emotional memories from the past.  People sometimes feel that they should keep certain items despite them being impractical or not having room for them any more, as they fear losing memories that are associated with the objects in question; however, this is very unlikely.

An alternative might be to keep a small treasure box in which you keep little parts of the bigger possessions that have to be discarded.  These can be enough to trigger any important memories but are much easier to keep than oodles of large items that are difficult to enjoy because of how much they get in the way.  In order to work out what you should get rid of, you need to go through your home and check what you have.  Generally speaking, anything that is unsafe, dilapidated or broken should be thrown away, while items that are still in reasonable condition but that you have not used for many years and simply do not need any more could be donated.  If you have some items that you do not use any longer but think might be valuable, you might want to try selling them online or having a garage sale.

The more clutter that you have, the harder you need to be on yourself. Donate any clothes that you have not worn for over a decade, while setting a rule of throwing out three items for every one you keep can also be a good idea.  If you have any duplicate items, just keep the one.  Look at every item that you have and decide whether you are really likely to use it anytime in the immediate future or if it is just taking up space and becoming an eyesore that irritates you and your significant other.  This is the sign of something that you do not need any more.

Renting a storage facility is another way to cut down on the clutter in your home.  Storage facilities come in a variety of different sizes and some even come equipped with humidity and temperature controls.  You need to remember that this is an expense that you will need to pay on a monthly basis and that your valuables might end up being auctioned off if you do not keep up with your payments.  You need to decide if the cost of keeping a storage facility is really worth it, or if you might be better off selling these excess items.  Items to store include out-of-season clothes, additional bits of furniture, important papers, garden tools, old appliances and large collections.