Tips when moving large appliances

Tips when moving large appliances

Large appliances can be a cumbersome detail when the time comes to move house.  Whether you are hiring the services of a professional moving company or intending to do the job by yourself, it is still a very good idea to have your large appliances prepared for the relocation in order to reduce the risk of them being damaged.

In order to go about moving a large appliance, there are some items you will need: packing tape, cleaner or hot water, cleaning gloves and a hand truck, also known as a dolly.  You should also consult the owner’s manual, which will have come with the initial purchase of the appliance, for additional advice and tips about safety.

The first step to take when it comes to the removal of any kind of appliance is to unplug it from the electrical socket.  It then needs to be cleaned out and to have any loose attachments removed.  If you are moving a gas stove, be absolutely certain that the gas has been turned off before you unplug it.  The gas company should be contacted and their assistance requested if you are uncertain as to exactly how to proceed with this task.

It can be a good idea to tape the plug and any other loose items, such as screws or other loose pieces, to the appliance, as loose cords can be a dangerous hazard during moving.  If you intend to perform the appliance relocation yourself, make sure that you have help and use a dolly.