Tips When Moving into a Brand New Home

Tips When Moving into a Brand New Home

There is nothing like moving into a brand new home. Whether you are the first to live in a newly constructed home, or you decided to build one from your own custom plans, it doesn’t come without some hiccups. Bekins Moving Solutions has helped countless families move into brand new homes, and along the way we have learned a few things. We are happy to share our wisdom and knowledge to help you accomplish a stress-free move!

Plan for Construction Delays

Construction is a notoriously slow process. The building of a brand new home can be delayed by bad weather, holidays, and material shortages. Understand that your move-in date may be pushed back more than a few times. To prepare for that possibility, you should have a backup plan for living and storage arrangements.

Don’t Skip the Inspection

Although your home is brand new, you will still want to hire a qualified inspector to give your home a look-over. Unfortunately, it isn’t out of the ordinary for contractors to cut a few corners. They may find areas of your home that need to be re-done to keep your family safe.

Clean Your Carpets

It is a good idea to get the carpets cleaned before you move in. A trove of technicians, tradespeople, and contractors have been walking and working in your home. Due to the foot traffic and construction, your carpets may be holding onto a lot of dirty and dust. A professional carpet cleaning can rid you of all these allergy-causing particles and create a clean start to living in your new home.

Set a Budget

While you may not have to worry about repairing too much in your brand new home, there are amenities or details that you may need to add once you move in. Before your move, sit down and set a budget for additions, emergency items, or new furniture you may need to purchase shortly after you move in. Depending on the home, a budget can range from a few hundred to a few thousand. Some things to consider include:

  • Do you need additional or new furniture for the home?
  • Are you going to be painting any of the rooms in your home?
  • Does the brand new home have the appliances installed?
  • Are there any special amenities you require to be installed?
  • Do you have enough if an emergency repair is needed post inspection?

After you have discussed these items, you should have a good idea of how much your budget should be before you move in. The important thing is that you plan ahead so your wallet isn’t caught off-guard.

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