Tips when moving interstate with pets

Tips when moving interstate with pets

Making a move across the United States can be a lot of fun, but also very scary.  It is a chance to make a fresh start, put down new roots and see a part of the country that you have never before experienced.  Making an interstate move is also an excellent opportunity to rid your life of unnecessary clutter – but this does not include your beloved pet!

If making an interstate move seems chaotic and scary to begin with, the prospect of doing so with a pet can make things even more stressful.  The horror stories that have been heard about pets dying when taken on planes as cargo have led many people to make the decision to take their beloved animals on the road with them instead.

There are a number of things you can do to make sure the move goes smoothly for your furry friend.  Before setting off on any long trip, have your pet checked over by your veterinarian.  They will make sure that your pet is not playing unwitting host to parasites that could cause their immune system to become weakened, which is important since the stress of relocation may already have caused it to become somewhat compromised.

Your pet needs his or her own travel kit, including a specially-designed first aid kit, single servings of their normal food in plastic bags for long hauls, and a travel-friendly water bowl.  Remember that your pet will need a break every couple of hours to stretch their legs and take care of their toilet needs. Also, depending on your type of pet and specifically where you’re moving to/from, there maybe additional vaccinations and other requirements your pet must meet before moving to your new home.