Tips and Tricks for Storing Your Summer Tools

Tips and Tricks for Storing Your Summer Tools

As the fall weather creeps in, it’s time to trade in the garden shovels and hoes for snow blowers and hats. We can hear the avid gardeners groans from here. Fresh flowers for frost? No thank you!

But before you throw your gardening tools and landscape equipment in the shed without another thought and with pure disappointment, refrain from doing so. After all, you want to be able to pick up where you left off as soon as spring comes back around and damaged or broken summer tools, furniture and equipment are only going to delay the process. So, store them properly now and in a couple of months, you’ll be ready to embrace the warmth as soon as the frost disappears.

Packing Up Your Patio Furniture

Putting away your patio furniture can be the most heartbreaking tasks of all. You’ve spent many summer nights sitting out in them, staring up at the stars in the mid-summer heat, and just as many days lounging in them with a cocktail in hand. So, packing away the patio furniture can be a sure fire way to bring on the winter blues.

However, leaving your patio furniture out during the winter months is almost certain to result in damage. The heavy snow can rip right through the cushions, rust the hardware and damage the surface. So, wash your chairs, dry your chairs, stack your chairs and tie them down with a tarp. The same can be done for your patio tables.

Now, if your furniture has any cushions or if you’re storing a hammock, be sure to bring them inside for the winter season. If that’s not possible, sprinkle some baking soda on them before storing them in your shed or garage. This will help prevent mildew and mold during the damp winter.

Bring in the Garden Hose

Unless you want to replace your garden hose every year, it has to be brought inside before the freezing temperatures roll in. Otherwise, it’ll crack in the cold and become ineffective once springtime arrives. So, to make sure your spring flowers can get all the rain they need to bloom, store your garden hose properly during fall by bringing it indoors. A shed or garden will also work, as long as the hose is detached from the water supply.

Empty Gas-Fueled Lawn Equipment

Any lawn equipment that has gas in it needs to be stored properly during the winter to ensure the safety of not only your items but also, the safety of your property and family. It takes one second for everything to ignite and that’s also not to mention that some types of fuel can solidify in the winter and cause expensive repairs in the spring. So, for any lawn equipment you have that uses gas, such as your lawnmower or weed whacker, you must empty the gas tank before winter comes. Then, simply secure it under a tarp and you’re done.

Keep Your Garden Tools Free of Rust

The winter weather brings an abundance of moisture; moisture that loves to rust your prized gardening possessions. And anyone who has ever tried to garden with rusty tools knows that it’s never a pleasant experience. So, store them properly when winter comes and they’ll be ready for your gardening adventures when spring comes around.

All you need is a bucket of sand. Stick your gardening tools in the sand, making sure any metal is fully covered, and they’ll remain protected from the treacherous weather all season long.

There’s a reason Jack Frost is known as a villain; the winter weather can cause all kinds of damage to your items if not stored properly. So, implement these quick and easy tips, and keep your summer tools safe and secure all winter long.