Tips and Tricks to Securing Your Electronics Durin …

Tips and Tricks to Securing Your Electronics Durin …

Technology is everything today. We live in a digital world where your smartphone is your lifeline, your television dubs as your movie theatre, your tablet is your game console and the list goes on. Without it, the world wouldn’t know how to operate. So, let’s make sure your electronics arrive at your new home in one piece and in mint condition by following these crucial tips and tricks to securing them.

Collect your Cables

When it comes to moving your electronics, it’s not the heavy lifting of fragile items that becomes stressful. Instead, it’s having to deal with the massive knot of cables that is so daunting.

It’s highly recommended to take pictures of all your devices while they’re still hooked up. This will serve as a guide when it’s time to hook all of the devices back up upon arrival at your new home. You may want to write a tag for each cable that reads the cables’ purpose and device.

Then, the next step is to collect and corral the cables. Zip ties and Velcro tape are exceptionally handy for keeping all of your cables tight and secure.

Give Your Electronics Space

In an effort to keep your electronics secure during a move, it makes sense to think they’ll be better off in the same box. After all, there will be less empty space, which will decrease any shifts in movement.

However, storing too many electronics together can actually cause a significant amount of damage. Many of these items have fragile components, which can easily be broken off if bumped into another device. So, it’s always recommended to give your electronics space and to fill the voids in the boxes with packing paper to deter any movement during the transportation process. At the very least, your electronics will be bumping against soft bubble wrap instead of the hard exterior of another device.

Label Like a Pro

Labeling is always one of the most vital components to a successful move. It becomes even more important when the boxes you’re labeling contain electronics. After all, you wouldn’t want to mistake the box housing your new iMac for a box of books. So, place high importance on your labeling.

We recommend creating a number or color system that allows you (and the movers) to quickly and easily see what’s inside each box. For example, use red labels for extremely fragile items such as the electronic devices, yellow labels for collections such as your DVDs and green labels for boxes containing the cables.

Use a Furniture Blanket

With such a wide variety of moving equipment available to you, it can be difficult determining which ones you actually need. One thing you definitely want to use is the furniture blanket.

These unique blankets are designed to protect fragile items such as your electronics from any bumps that can occur during a move. Some companies do charge extra for use of their furniture blankets. However, here at Bekins Moving Solutions, almost all of our moving equipment is providing to you at no extra charge.


Safely moving your electronics isn’t just about the bubble wrap and boxes. Instead, it’s imperative to take the extra steps to secure and protect your devices and all the components that come with them.