Tips and Tricks for Moving to Tucson, AZ

Tips and Tricks for Moving to Tucson, AZ

With nicknames like, “The Grand Canyon State” and “The Copper State”, Arizona is an enticing place to consider relocating to. However, it has more to offer than one of the most beautiful natural wonders of the world and incredible mineral wealth. In fact, Tucson, AZ is one of the most interesting places you can live in. So if you do decide to move to Tucson, AZ here are some tips and tricks.

It’s Sunny and 75 and You Need to Hydrate

If you’ve never heard the song, “Sunny and 75” by Joe Nichols, now is the time to turn up the tunes because the lyrics describe Tucson, AZ perfectly… Minus the beach chair line. However, in terms of weather and the good feelings that come with it, this song nails it.

Tucson, AZ has more than 200 days of sunshine each year and although there are no beaches, there are plenty of pools to cool off in when the temperatures reach the triple-digits. Oh, and Arizona State (yes, the entire state) receives less than 12 inches of rain each day.

So, when it comes to moving to Tucson AZ, the most important part is to stay hydrated.

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

It’s easy to assume that you won’t need any sunscreen when moving. After all, you’ll only be outside for a couple of seconds at a time as you unload the moving truck. However, the UV rays are intense in Tucson, AZ and you’ll certainly want to slather on that sunscreen prior to getting started. There’s nothing worse than moving with a blistering burn brewing on your skin.

Be Aware of the Critters

Just like anywhere, there are some critters to be aware of when moving. Tucson, AZ is home to several creatures you definitely want to look out for throughout your move. Some of those include the black widow spider, the Gila monster lizards, centipedes, scorpions, rattlesnakes, coral snakes, Africanized bees, and tarantulas. So, make sure you have a professional inspection prior to moving and be cautious when cleaning out crawlspaces.

The good news is, these critters are quite interesting to watch… From afar.

Keep Your Pets in Mind

Moving with pets often comes with a handful of additional tasks and this is certainly true when moving to Tucson, AZ. It’s not recommended to let your animals run loose in the backyard as you unload the moving truck. As mentioned, Arizona is home to various creatures and critters that can be poisonous and even deadly to both humans and animals. In particular, the poison from the Sonoran Desert Toads can kill an adult dog.

So, keep an eye on your pet. Make sure they’re kept in a safe place during the move, away from critters and with a ton of water. They get dehydrated too!

You’ll Need Breaks

The common theory surrounding moving day is that the quicker you move, the quicker moving day will be over. However, this isn’t necessarily the case when moving to Tucson, AZ. Because the weather is so intense, overworking yourself can cause more problems than anticipated. You’ll quickly tire out, become dehydrated and exhausted. So, give yourself (and your movers) plenty of breaks whenever needed. In fact, make it a priority. Sometimes, moving slower is better, especially when it’s sunny and 75.

Make Sure the Previous Owners Keep the Air Conditioner On

It can get so hot in Tucson, AZ that plastic belongings kept in the house without any air conditioning have been known to melt. This might not seem like a problem considering the house will be kept empty but the built-up heat can make it unbearable to move into your home. So, make sure the previous owners keep the AC on prior to you moving in.

When moving to Tucson AZ, you’re certain to experience some new and exciting moments. It’s a unique destination and one you’re lucky enough to call your new home.