Tips and Tricks for Moving in the Fall

Tips and Tricks for Moving in the Fall

Moving during the fall season is a little unpredictable. Will it rain? Maybe. Will it be freezing cold? It’s a possibility. Will it snow? There’s a good chance… And there’s also a good chance that you’ll get the exact opposite. You can follow the weather forecast as closely as possible but you simply never know what you’re getting upon those fall days. So, planning a move can be difficult. You’re not quite sure what the weather conditions will be and as a result, you have no idea what moving equipment or materials you’ll need to ensure an easy and sufficient move. Well, we have some tips that’ll work for whatever the forecast blows in during your fall move.

Follow the Weather Forecast

Although the weather forecast can change at any given time, it’s still highly recommended to follow it as closely as possible when moving day is approaching. This will help you get a better idea of what you can expect for the move but don’t rely too much on the forecast. Things can change and you want to be prepared, which leads us to the next moving day tip.  

Always take necessary safety precautions

If there’s a risk of some type of undesirable weather, take the necessary safety precautions. Although the weather is calling for a warm fall day with a temperature in the toasty double digits, there’s always a slight chance for all of that to change at the last minute. So, be prepared.

Think about the common weather conditions that occur within your area and take the necessary safety precautions. If your area tends to get a lot of rain, trade in your running shoes for non-slip work boots and lay down some cardboard on your new floors. If there’s a risk of strong wind, make sure you have enough ropes and bungee cords to keep your items safe while transporting them from A-to-B.

Consider the Increased Risk of Damage

Speaking of the weather, you always want to think about the conditions your belongings may be subjected to. For example, if your fall moving day is calling for precipitation, it’s certainly not recommended to move your large electronics, such as your flat screen televisions, without proper packaging.

There are various items that may become damaged when subjected to different types of weather conditions. Regardless of how innocent cold temperatures, hail, rain, snow and even wind may seem, they can be detrimental to your belongings.

It’s highly recommended to go over your items and separate the highly valuable, irreplaceable or vulnerable ones from the rest to ensure they’re packed and loaded properly.

Remove Any Debris

The fall season is full of debris. From fallen foliage to wind-blown dirt, the path you need to take from your front door to the moving truck can quickly become an obstacle course. It’s recommended to stay on top of raking leading up to moving day and to give your driveway, front porch and entryways a good sweep prior to moving to remove any debris. This is incredibly important, especially if it has rained recently as wet leaves can quickly become slick and slippery.

Dress According to the Weather and the Move

There’s no denying that moving is a tough task, which is why many people take advantage of the opportunity to hire professional movers. However, if you insist on doing the move yourself with a couple of friends, make sure you dress accordingly. You don’t want to overheat with the first 50 boxes you lift and you certainly don’t want to wear any loose clothing that can snag on hooks, corners and doorways.

As a rule of thumb, dress in layers so you can remain comfortable throughout the move and ensure your clothes are tight-fitting to deter risk of injury.

Moving during the fall season can be the best. The weather isn’t too hot, nor is it too cold and you have a nice breeze to keep you cool throughout the day. With the addition of these fall moving tips, you’ll be ready to take whatever the wind blows in.