Tips to simplify your move

Tips to simplify your move

You can spend more time enjoying your new home and less time on the actual move by following a few quick and easy moving tips.  Making a move to a new apartment or house does not have to involve frustration, high fees and sore backs if you make use of a couple of these cheap and simple techniques.

One such technique is to make sure you that carry taller items high and low.  A tall dresser, shelving unit or filing cabinet that appears awkward to handle should be moved by at least two people and you should never try to move such an item your own.  Tip the item backwards at an angle so that one person is carrying the bottom and the other the top.  This helps to keep the weight of the item centered and stops it from swinging out of control.

Another good technique is to ‘hook’ chairs around corners.  A big easy chair can be far from  easy to move and the best thing to do is to perform a sideways carry and ‘hook’ maneuver.  Turn the chair onto its side to make an L shape and move it through the doorway back first.  You can then ‘hook’ it (or ‘curl’ it) around the doorway and slip it through.

You should also ensure that you slide heavy items rather than drag them.  Furniture slides can be easily purchased or you can make your own from bedspreads, towels, carpet remnants or moving blankets.