Tips to keep the office move on track

Tips to keep the office move on track

With the various tasks and challenges involved with an office move, it doesn’t take much to get off track. Creating a detailed plan prior to starting the moving process will ensure a successful and efficient relocation, from start to finish. Though, it’s imperative to make sure your plan includes a course of action for any foreseeable and unforeseeable circumstances that may cause discrepancies and delays.


Incorporate Everything That May Affect Your Office Move

To create an accurate timeline for your office relocation, you must consider all possible scenarios that may cause delays. Consider important business events and dates, holidays, black-out dates, and even weather forecasts and seasonal challenges when assigning a time and date to the different tasks involved with your move.

Be Familiar with Any Gaps

There will be moments throughout your office relocation where specific jobs cannot be done. For example, you may be prepared for your employees to pack up their individual workspaces but doing so will result in your business being shut down for that portion of time. These are the types of gaps to be aware of, so you can work to prevent or at the very least, minimize downtime.

However, identifying gaps in the moving process can be difficult to do yourself and hiring professional moving solutions will come to you as a significant benefit, as they know exactly what to look for and can create an accurate plan for you to follow.

Expect and Plan for Delays

If you are created an office relocation plan on your own, expect and plan for delays. There are many situations that may arise that can put a halt on the entire office relocation process. So, if you are not hiring professional moving services to establish a detailed course of action for you, schedule extra time for each task to be completed. This will allow you to address any discrepancies that occur during the allotted time to avoid delaying the other tasks that follow in suit.

Get Your Employees Involved

Taking on an office relocation on your own can be exhausting and overwhelming. It’ll also take you away from your daily business tasks which can result in decreased productivity and efficiency within your office. An excellent way to avoid this common scenario is to get your employees involved. Doing so will also encourage them to be excited about the move, while also giving them a chance to step away from their typical day at work.

So, think about the different skills your employees have and delegate responsibilities to trustworthy staff members to alleviate stress and to ensure a smooth move.

Create a Team of Trusted Employees

While it’s easy to assume that only certain tasks can be delegated to your employees, the options are unlimited when you create a team of trusted, senior employees. Create a group of staff members that are reliable and capable of handling important duties involved with the office relocation. Perhaps one employee can set up the services for the new office relocation, another can be responsible for researching and hiring professional moving services, and another can be the point of contact for staff members to speak with if they have any concerns or questions regarding the move. With the right team of trustworthy employees, you can ensure a smooth relocation that isn’t overwhelming for you or your staff members.

The success of your office relocation highly depends on the plan you create. At Bekins Moving Solutions, our moving specialist will establish a detailed course of action that foresees all obstacles, challenges, and tasks that may arise during the moving process to avoid discrepancies and delays.