Tips for young people moving out of their family h …

Tips for young people moving out of their family h …

The great majority of people move out of the family home and into their own place before their late 20s.  Being able to achieve a smooth move depends upon the reasons behind the relocation and how strong a relationship they have with their family.

There are various reasons why young people decide to move out of the family home, including a desire for independence, wanting to live with a significant other, their parents asking them to leave or some other form of conflict, or needing to move to get closer to university or work.  It is not uncommon for young people to be somewhat uncertain about making such a major move and there are various issues that need to be taken into consideration, even if they have voluntarily made the decision to leave home.

Problems may arise that were not expected, such as finding out that they are not ready to deal with all the responsibilities that will be heaped on them after they move out of the family nest.  Money worries can also come as a surprise, with bills such as rent, electricity and gas, and the cost of groceries all adding up.

If they have decided to share a house with a friend, this can also cause problems.  Issues such as equally sharing housework, paying bills on time and incompatibilities with each other’s lifestyles can result in arguments or hostilities.  Their parents may also have concerns of their own and it is therefore important for young people to stay in touch with their family and pay them regular visits.