Tips for the day of the move

Tips for the day of the move

The day of the move is the time when all your preparation and planning has to come together.  If the move has been planned sufficiently well ahead of time then you should have little to worry about, as the reputable and professional moving company that you thoroughly researched before hiring will be more than capable of handling everything.

There are nonetheless still a couple of aspects that you will need to take care of on the day, and it is a good idea to have a checklist drawn up that can be referred to as the day progresses.  Have your kids looked after by a babysitter, while pets should either be put in kennels or kept in a separate, locked room for the duration.

Your home should be thoroughly cleaned before the move and you should look in every closet and room to ensure that none of your belongings have been left behind.  Clean up before you leave for the last time and make sure that your movers do not block the driveways of your neighbors.  It is also a good idea to make sure that you are present at your home while your belongings are being loaded.

Carefully check the inventory and make certain that you agree with the comments relating to the condition of your possessions before signing.  You should also make sure that you read and understand all the documents that require your signature and then keep them somewhere safe.