Tips for storing goods

Tips for storing goods

Packing your possessions correctly will not only save time but will also ensure that your items are kept in the best condition possible.  When you rent a storage facility you should make use of the specialist packing materials that many such facilities will have readily available, from bubble wrap and port-a-robes to high-quality boxes and cartons for LCD and plasma televisions.

You should never try to move drawers and wardrobes while they are full, as you will only end up damaging them and possibly yourself.  Wardrobes and drawers should be filled only when they have been placed in storage.  Personal goods, including but not limited to clothing, can also be placed in strong secure boxes.

Cushions should always be wrapped in plastic, while lounges should be vacuumed to ensure there are no food crumbs that could attract vermin while in storage.  Remove the legs from items of furniture such as tables and bed bases if possible to save space and avoid damage.  Plastic or some other material should be used to cushion heavy items such as furniture rather than placing the items directly on the floor.  Chairs should be stacked seat to seat with either paper or cloth separating them.  All furniture, particularly recliners, sofas and anything of real value, should be covered while in storage.

In order to minimize the risk of rust when storing metal items, wipe them with a few drops of oil beforehand.  These items should be packed separately from items such as furniture that could be stained.