Tips for storage and organization

Tips for storage and organization

If you are thinking of putting items into storage, it is a good idea to know the best way to go about this; fortunately, there are a few good tips for storage and organization.

When it comes to putting furniture into storage, you need to remove the legs and disassemble the items as much as possible in order to conserve space.  The legs should be wrapped together with packing paper and then taped to the protective cover of the item to which they belong.  If it is not possible to take off the legs then the items should be placed face down with their legs pointing up.  Cushions should be wrapped individually and then placed together.  One good tip is to put cardboard down on the floor of the storage facility you are using so that the furniture is protected against scratches.

Freezers and refrigerators that have not been cleaned properly prior to relocation and being placed in storage run the risk of being damaged because of mildew and moisture.  When being stored, such items should have their doors left slightly ajar.  If you are placing lawn mowers into storage then they should be drained of all oil and gasoline.  If storing metal, a few drops of oil should be wiped on bicycles and tools in order to give protection against rust.

When packing files and books, important documents should be packed in file boxes.  Books should be packed flat in order to avoid causing any damage to their spines.  Boxes should not be overfilled and any free space should be filled with tissue.  Moisture can be kept out by having the boxes lined with plastic sheeting on both the bottom and the top.  If storing a mattress, it should be wrapped in plastic covering in order to avoid damage.

When it comes to organizing the storage facility you should create a walkway inside your locker so that you will be able to have easier access to your items.  Items that you will need to have frequent access to should be kept at the front of your locker.  It is a good idea to draw a map of your storage locker and detail where everything is located within it.

It is also a good idea to leave several inches of space between the locker walls and your items for the sake of better ventilation.  Similar boxes should be stacked together and the heaviest items need to be stacked at the bottom with lighter items on the top, thus preventing the lighter items from being crushed by the heavier ones.

Mirrors and pictures should be stacked on their sides, while mattresses should be placed on end in order to make them stand up straight.  Likewise, sofas should be stored on their end for the sake of creating more space.  Last but not least, you should always make sure that you lock your storage facility when you leave it!

When hiring a full-service moving company for storage solutions, you can sit back, and relax as they do this all for you.

Lance Grooms