Tips for Relocating Your Office to Another State

Tips for Relocating Your Office to Another State

Office relocations are a complicated endeavor. As a business, it’s imperative that your move is completed as fast and efficiently as possible to minimize costly downtime, along with customer and employee discrepancies and dissatisfaction. This can seem like an overwhelming task, especially when taking your business across state lines. Fortunately, there are various commercial moving solutions and techniques you can take advantage of to get your business back into full operation in a timely manner.

Opt for Full-Service Professional Movers

It can be tempting to cut corners in an effort to reduce office relocation expenses. However, doing so can be incredibly detrimental to not only the move but also, to your business and it can also end up costing you more money in the long run. As such, it is highly recommended to take advantage of professional moving services to ensure a successful and efficient office relocation to another state.

Have a Moving Specialist Handle Tedious and Meticulous Tasks

When you opt to relocate with Bekins Moving Solutions, you’re provided with a designated moving specialist who can plan, strategize and monitor your move to ensure a smooth, stress-free transition. Your moving specialist will serve as your moving project manager throughout the process and will be your direct person of contact for all of your questions and concerns.

Gather Necessary Information About Border Crossings

They will also gather all the necessary information regarding cross-border commercial moves to avoid any delays at the border, which can save you a significant amount of time in research.

Enjoy a Stress-Free Move with Professional Movers

Bekins Moving Solutions also provides you with professional movers to handle the most complicated tasks involved in your move, such as transportation, unloading, and loading, disassembly and reassembly of your office furniture, etc.

Move Properly and Safely to Minimize Delays

They come equipped with the proper moving equipment needed to ensure a fast and efficient move, along with the techniques and experience required to safely transport your items from office to truck and from state to state.

Hiring full-service professional movers can be less costly in the long run, as it guarantees the safe and timely arrival of your items.

Assign a Project Manager

A successful office relocation is highly reliant on the planning and strategizing process, and as a business owner, it can be challenging to find the time needed to complete such meticulous tasks. So, if you choose to relocate your office to another state with your own moving solutions, it’s highly recommended to, at the least, assign a project manager. This should be a senior employee within your company who is well versed in the business processes, particularly those that pertain to the move.

Point of Contact for Customers, Vendors, Service Providers

The project manager will be the point of contact for employees and customer concerns and questions regarding the office relocation, as well as the point of contact for moving services.

Research, Planning, Creation of Timeline and Strategy

It should be the project manager’s responsibility to conduct meticulous research needed to ensure a successful office relocation, to implement a timeline and strategy, and to complete each task as needed.

Assigning an in-house project manager for the office relocation will help keep productivity levels high, while also freeing up valuable time for other employees where their detailed experience is required.

Take Advantage of Storage Solutions

Storage will come to you as a huge benefit pre and post your office relocation to another state. There are various storage solutions available – from cage storage to crate storage, insulated storage units, crate storage and more, all of which come with many benefits. So, explore the options and think beyond the traditional unit to find an affordable and reliable storage option to ensure a stress-free move.

Maintain a Productive and Safe Work Environment

Opting for storage solutions allows you to maintain a productive, efficient and safe work environment during the moving process.

Store Items That Don’t Need to be Transported and Save

Opting for storage also provides you with an alternative if you do not wish to move all of your equipment, stock, extra office furniture, filing cabinets containing important documents that you don’t need to access regularly, etc. Since the cost of an office relocation is highly dependent on the weight of the items being transported, this can be an excellent way to save some money.

The unique thing about opting for professional moving solutions and storage is that you reap all the benefits of a quick and efficient move, without having to put forth any extra effort. Bekins Moving Solutions provides full-service options for commercial moves to ensure a stress-free solution for companies moving to another state.