Tips for placing your goods in a storage facility

Tips for placing your goods in a storage facility

There is nothing more crucial than having peace of mind with regard to putting your belongings into storage, and there are a number of tips to assist with keeping your goods safe and secure while in the process of moving and storing them.

One of the best tips is to make packing a lot easier by doing some preparation for the items being placed in storage ahead of time.  You should make sure that you have got hold of a lot of packing paper; sealing tape; marker pens; sturdy, corrugated cartons; bubble wrap; and any furniture covers for the move.  You should make absolutely certain that boxes have been tightly sealed with the use of packing tape in order to prevent any dust from getting in.

Furniture legs should be wrapped with furniture covers, protective bubble wrap or pads in order to prevent any scratching.  Slip covers should be left on upholstered chairs and they should then be covered with plastic chair covers.  Bed rails should be taped or tied together with the pieces marked appropriately to make them easier to assemble later on after the move.  Mattresses should have plastic bags or covers placed on them to keep them clean while they are in storage.

Boxes should be labeled on all sides in order to make them easy to identify, and a list of their contents should be kept at the office or your home for reference.