Tips for packing up the kids’ rooms

Tips for packing up the kids’ rooms

If you are moving house and have young children, the chances are that this is going to be a fairly stressful time for them; however, there are a few things that you can do to help the children to feel more involved in the process and ensure that it goes a little more smoothly.

The first tip is to tell them about everything that is happening. Children need to understand that they are moving to a new house and that they are going to have a different room. They also need to understand why all their things need to go into boxes and be removed before they can play with them again.

The next tip is to get your children involved in the packing process. Ask them to pack some of their own possessions, and they can do simple tasks such as labeling boxes and color-coding them for you.

Children’s rooms will always need decluttering – they generally have far more toys and games than they need, and now would be a good time to remove items that they no longer want or play with to help to make both the packing and the house move easier. Ask your children to sort out what they no longer want to keep; if you do this for them, they may feel that they are having their possessions taken away from them.

Make sure that your children understand that they should keep a few essentials to one side to be packed separately. In this way not everything ends up in boxes or storage and your children have what they need to hand for the first few days in their new home.