Tips for Packing Lamp Shades

Tips for Packing Lamp Shades

If you are taking light shades with you when you move house, make sure that you pack them properly ‒ they are more delicate than you might think. Your moving company may be able to offer advice, but here are a few tips.

The first tip is to make sure that the box you are using is big enough and that it is secure. If the shades are the sort that stack, the first can normally be placed directly into the box. Hold the shade by the rim rather than the sides, as this could damage the shape.

You can place plain paper over the first shade to protect it. It may be tempting to use newspaper; however, the print can mark the shade and you do not need to waste time doing unnecessary cleaning. The second shade can then be placed over the first.

If your shades are glass, you will need more in the way of padding around them. Glass light shades can be stacked in the same way; however, if you have a lot of odd-sized shades, it may be easier to wrap them all separately and pad them with bubble wrap and tissue paper, just as you would any other delicate item.

You should not pack anything else in with the shades when you are moving house to ensure that they are protected. Even a fabric shade is much more delicate then you might think and can be easily damaged. Make sure that the box is secure and that you have marked it ‘fragile’.