Tips for packing electrical equipment

Tips for packing electrical equipment

When it comes to moving home, you need to pack everything very carefully and make sure that it arrives at your new place in the same condition in which it left your old home. Packing electrical items is not that easy though, so here are a few things to consider.

Larger appliances such as fridges and freezers are more difficult to move and luckily your moving company will deal with these items on your behalf. All you need to do is make sure that your fridge and freezer have been emptied and defrosted and that any drawers and shelves are secure. Make sure that the insides of the appliances are clean and dry, as any residual water could cause damage to other items while in transit. If these items are being stored for a while, it is best to leave them with the door slightly ajar.

It is recommended that smaller electrical equipment is packed in its original boxes where possible, but who has the space to keep all these boxes indefinitely? This is why you should wrap each piece of equipment in bubble wrap and pack it securely into other boxes. Your movers will be able to provide advice about the type of box that should be used.

Remember not to pack too much into one box, as this could make it heavy and weaken the structure. For a flat screen TV, opt for bubble wrap and corrugated card to keep the screen free from damage.