Tips for packing books

Tips for packing books

You might think that packing up your books will be easy, as they are not breakable in the same way as china or glass; however, you need to be aware that books can be damaged when you move house and you need to take precautions to get them there in one piece.

The first thing is to have a good sort out of your books before you begin. You may have books that you do not want anymore and it does not make sense to pay your moving company to take them to your new house if you are only going to get rid of them at the other end.

The next step is to make sure that the boxes you have chosen will take the weight of the books easily, as even paperbacks can be quite heavy to move. If the boxes have been used before, make sure that they are not damp before you begin packing.

Consider packing books for your house move with a hardcover face up, with their spines against the side of the box. They should be packed fairly tightly but not too tightly, as they could be damaged when they are taken out of the box. Books with more than a basic value can be wrapped in craft paper before they are put into the box for additional protection.

You can also pack hardcover and paperback books flat; however, make sure that they are not packed with the pages facing down, as this could lead to the book becoming damaged.