Tips for packing a bedroom

Tips for packing a bedroom

One of the most exhausting aspects of moving is often packing up your bedroom.  Bedrooms tend to be big rooms that are often packed with a large array of different objects, from small personal items to large pieces of furniture.  If you are careless or lack experience, it can be easy to spend far more time that is really necessary on packing this one room.

One good tip is to make preparations for packing the bedroom several days before you actually start to do so.  You should record each item that you intend to move to your new home and write extra notes as needed; for example, record whether something is damaged or a special container is required.  Sort out your belongings and get rid of any items that you no longer want.  A garage sale can be a good way to de-clutter while also making a little extra money.

You need to make sure you have all the packing materials you require before commencing this task.  All items should be given maximum protection for the move.  Upholsteries and sofas should be protected by using mattress covers, while furniture should be dismantled, if possible, and components placed in mid-sized boxes.  Nuts and bolts should be placed in plastic sealing bags.

The list of packing supplies that you should make sure you have includes boxes, bubble wrap, sealing tape, plastic mattress covers, furniture pads, sealing plastic bags, markers and packing peanuts.