Tips for Office Moving

Tips for Office Moving

When you are planning a large office move, you need to complete quite a few different tasks to ensure nothing goes wrong and everyone understands the relocation process. To make the relocation as smooth as possible, it is important to take into consideration all of the logistics, the packing, and even the employees under your supervision. Everyone should know the new address, for starters, otherwise, you may lose a few people along the way.

Inform Everyone of Your Move

After handing out the new address to your employees and valued customers, you should send out the change of address and relocation date to the local government, insurance companies, suppliers, and any legal or financial services you make use of – accountants, banks, credit card providers, solicitors, and brokers.

It may slip your mind initially, but it is also best to notify the Internal Revenue Commissioners, motor vehicle department, any hired help like cleaners and gardeners, the press, and public relations agents.

If you would like your business to continue, inform your customers of the impending move. Valued customers would love to know where they can find your services after a location change. Take some time to update your website, business cards, and online profiles to keep everyone in the loop.

Bring in Professional Movers

By now, depending on how long you have been in business, you have acquired quite the collection of furniture and office supplies inside your current building. All of this needs to be relocated to the new office, which takes a strong back and a few hours of work to accomplish. While you are trying to plan the entire move, hire professional movers to handle the heavy lifting and take some of the burden off you.

A professional moving company has numerous benefits. For instance, the company is licensed and insured, making them liable for any lost or damaged items. These companies have their own moving trucks, equipment, and a team of trained movers.

Take the Time to Purge

As a company, you probably don’t like the idea of any type of purge relating to your business. When it comes time to move, however, a good purge can do wonders. While packing, set aside anything old, broken, or obsolete that won’t be of any use to your company any longer. Leave some time to clean out the office space so you may give the new office a facelift, both aesthetically and functionally. You could save quite a bit of money on transportation fees by simply cutting out some of the useless junk instead of loading it in the back of the truck with everything else.

If you are planning a large commercial move and require a bit of help along the way, call Bekins Moving Solutions to schedule an appointment with our professional movers. We would be more than happy to assist your business during this time of relocation. The stress of a move is not lost on us, so we do our best to help. Call us today at (877) 251-8493.