Tips for office moves

Tips for office moves

It is the responsibility of every head of department or section to make sure that members of staff correctly follow instructions to ensure that as little time as possible is lost preparing to move their office.  Every employee needs to be aware that they are responsible for their own preliminary packing for the relocation. It is vital that personnel who are directly involved with the office move are the only ones present while the move is taking place.

Desks need to be emptied prior to the move.  Loose items such as papers, pens and paperclips should be sealed inside envelopes.  Books, current working papers, letter trays and any other items that are on top of the desks need to be packed away in a carton, with all glass receptacles protected in the carton by paper or some other material.

Upright filing cabinets can usually be moved without being emptied beforehand.  The internal drawer should be tightened in order to keep contents in place and the cabinet should be locked if at all possible.  If this is not possible, each drawer should be secured with filament tape.  If the cabinet has been locked then the key should be removed and packed somewhere safe.  If the file comes with a punch-in lock and the key is inaccessible then accidental locking can be prevented by wrapping tape around the lock.

Lateral filing cabinets need to be emptied prior to moving, with all contents packed into cartons and drawers secured by either locking or with tape as described above.

Gene Salaz