Tips for moving with kids

Tips for moving with kids

Moving is always a stressful time, and particularly so for families with children.  As well as worries over a new place to live, and personal possessions getting there on time and in one piece, parents also have to deal with kids who may view the move as an attack on their lives that they had no say about.

Moving can be an emotional experience for children.  The best advice is to sit down and talk to children before you begin organizing the relocation, find out how they feel about what is happening, and explain why you are moving and what they can expect.  Calming any fears or worries they may have early on can cut down on a great deal of stress later on.

Another good tip is to try to make the relocation interactive for your children.  Make sure that they are kept involved in the process and that the channels of communication remain open at all times.  Try to keep everything upbeat and positive so that your children will be able to see the relocation as a good thing.  When you are scheduling the move, try to keep them in mind and allow them to have their say.

You should also do as much as you possibly can to make sure that your children will have plenty of time to adjust to their brand new home and environment, and to start to make new friends.  For older children especially, try to come up with methods for them to stay in touch with their friends.

Jon Huser