Tips for moving with children

Tips for moving with children

Moving your home can be a difficult and stressful experience even for professionals in the moving industry, and can be especially so for people with families.  Children are likely to only add to the stress level, regardless of whether the move being made is just around the corner or to a whole new state.

Children are often distressed at leaving behind the home in which they have grown up, no matter what age they are, and many children are also unhappy at having to say goodbye to their friends. The good news, however, is that children can be extremely resilient and you can help to make the relocation as easy on them as possible by following a few simple tips.

One good step is to inform children about the upcoming move as early as possible and to keep them fully informed and aware of what they can expect.  If you are moving out of state then it is also very important to make sure that children get the chance to say farewell to their friends and to other people who have been an important presence in their lives.  A goodbye party can be a good idea, as is making a memory board to display all their photographs of the people they care about.

Letting children help with packing is a smart idea, as it gives you the opportunity to hear about what your child really thinks and feels about the move.  Making the actual relocation into an adventure by giving them an unexpected treat such as staying up later or eating out can also help with the change in their established routine.

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