Tips for Moving to Illinois

Tips for Moving to Illinois

If you are thinking about making a move north, the state of Illinois should be on your list for consideration. As the home state to the city of Chicago, many people decide on Illinois for its vibrant city life, cultural attractions, diversity, and employment opportunities. With all the fantastic things this state has to offer, however, you still need to plan and prep accordingly. Bekins Moving Solutions is happy to assist our clients make their move to Illinois.

Weather Considerations

The weather in Illinois can be quite a change if you have never lived in the Midwest before. If you are coming from a coastal state, it can be quite a shock. During the winter, you can expect some bone-chilling temperatures, wind, and snowstorms. You will want to dress in multiple layers and plan to stay home if things get too bad on the road. The summer in Illinois can range from perfect to very warm. If you decide to move, make the most of the summer months rather than trying to move house when the temperature drops.

Cost of Living

Many areas of Illinois are quite affordable. However, larger cities, especially Chicago, can be quite expensive. This is why many people look at the surrounding areas, where properties are available at a much lower cost. If you fall on hard times, Illinois offers plenty of public assistance programs to help those in need.

Employment Opportunities

The city of Chicago offers plenty of work opportunities, with a good mix of private and government employers. While we always encourage customers to have a job in place before a move, a little research will show you the vast opportunities Illinois offers. Check out the city’s website for local government careers. Other, more general job search sites such as Monster and Indeed can also be a great starting point to find Illinois-based employment.

Parking Your Moving Truck

While this isn’t a huge issue when you are moving to a primarily residential area, any move in the city warrants a look at parking laws for moving trucks. Some cities in Illinois require you to purchase a temporary parking permit to allow your moving truck to be parked on a city street. It is crucial that you research this ahead of time so you can apply for the permit with plenty of leeway before moving day.

Research Your Neighborhood

Websites like NextDoor or local Facebook groups are a great way to get to know the area you are moving to. Check out these groups along with reviews online for certain parks and local businesses. Not only can you get a good sense for what is available in the area, but you may also be able to meet some new neighbors as well.

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