Tips for moving to college

Tips for moving to college

It will soon be time for college kids to go back to campus.  For newcomers to this experience, the first time living away from home can seem to be an intimidating and even overwhelming prospect; however, there are some helpful pieces of advice that can make the transition a smoother one.

Everybody tends to move into college at around the same time.  The first day of the new semester on campus is always incredibly busy, as basically the entire student population tries to move into their rooms and get them organized.  One good tip is to avoid all this hectic commotion by getting a head start and arriving really early in the day or waiting until later in the day when the great majority of people will have already moved in.  This will avoid having to deal with the massive amount of foot traffic.

Colleges can make a small fortune from charging for damage to rooms.  This makes it very important to document everything in the new living space that you have made a move to.  Take a photograph of any existing damages or flaws in the room or furniture.  This will protect you from your college trying to charge you for damage that you were not responsible for at the end of the year.

Another good tip is to install your air conditioning unit immediately after relocation.  You are bound to have worked up a sweat moving all your items into your new dorm and your sweat glands (and your new roommate) will be very grateful!