Tips for moving military families

It is never easy to be a part of a military family; depending on your rank and where you live, it is rarely very well paid either.  The good news, however, is that the relocation experience can be made simple just by following a number of basic military moving tips.

Military families who are posted on a military base in Canada and are given a transfer to a different base will have their relocation paid for by the Department of Defense.  Military families in the US will have their relocation dealt with by the Department of Homeland Security.  A moving company that has been approved by the military will go to your home and pack everything according to a strict military protocol.

The moving company will pack absolutely everything that is in the home; therefore, if there are any items that you want to be able to take with you on the drive or to keep hold of until you arrive at your new home, you should remove them from the home before the military moving company arrives.  If you have just one box that is out of place, the moving company will be forced to repack it before it can leave the home.

There will also be a military inspector on the scene, whose job it is to approve the way in which the moving trucks are packed.  The military family must leave the home in good shape for others to move into, with walls painted, holes fixed and everything cleaned.