Tips for moving interstate

Tips for moving interstate

Several months prior to an interstate move you should plan your relocation to avoid the peak moving times.  The beginning and end of the month tend to be more hectic for moving companies than the middle, and it is important to establish the exact date of your move so that your moving company will be able to create a precise timeline.

You should check your attic, basement, crawlspace, garage and any outside sheds to see precisely which items you want to take with you on your move and which you do not.  Any items that you do not wish to bring with you to your new home can be recycled, thrown away or sold in a garage sale.

Around two months before relocation you should locate your vehicle registration and any other legal documents in your possession.  You will also need to begin contacting accountants, dentists, doctors, lawyers and schools to let them know about your upcoming move and gain copies of your personal records.

About a month before you move you should change your address at the post office and come up with an inventory of items that you are going to move or put into storage.  Get in touch with your cable, newspaper, phone and utility companies in order to either cancel or change the services to your new address.  If you need to, this is also the time to close your local bank account and open one in your new location and also make travel arrangements.