Tips for moving in with your girlfriend

Tips for moving in with your girlfriend

You and your girlfriend have decided to move in together; however, the reality of cohabitation is quite different to regularly doing fun activities together.  Living together can make a relationship closer or tear it apart, but there are ways to make sure that the experience is a positive one.

You need to discuss finances with your partner before you move in together.  There is no shame in a man sharing the bills with his girlfriend in this day and age, and you do not have to pay everything out of your own salary.  Discuss how a household functions and how to deal with finances once the two of you are living together.  A little intelligent mutual advance planning can go a long way toward circumventing possible problems in the future.

It is also very important, especially for men who have previously lived alone, not to continue to treat your home as a bachelor pad.  Your friends should still be welcome; however, after relocation your girlfriend will be an equal partner in your home and has every right to have an opinion about what goes on there.

You still need your space, and you need to realize that the same applies to your partner.  This means that some of your possessions may need to be disposed of – or at least redistributed elsewhere – to accommodate her belongings.  Make sure that your girlfriend has enough space for all her possessions.