Tips for moving in the military

When undergoing a military relocation it is effectively impossible to keep in mind absolutely everything that you are going to need to do, and this will be even more the case if the move has not been co-ordinated terribly well to begin with.  There are a number of different things that can end up going very wrong. The good news is that there are some military relocation tips and pieces of advice that can be followed to make the entire process go a little more smoothly. 

One of the things that have real potential for going very badly wrong is if your sensitive financial information were to end up falling into the wrong hands.  One way to prevent this from occurring is to change your mail address with every institution as their correspondence arrives in the month prior to your move.  In addition to this you can also leave your forwarding address with the local post office to make sure you get those last few letters. In the final few days prior to your military move you will also want to start disconnecting and disassembling electronics and, if possible, packing them in the boxes that they originally came in.  This includes items such as computers, stereos and DVD players. If you have any paperwork that has been given to you by packers or a professional moving company, make sure that you keep it in a safe place for easy reference at a later date.