Tips for moving in the military

If you are a soldier in the army, making frequent moves comes with the territory.  Most of the time soldiers move somewhere else in the United States; however, on some occasions they will move overseas and this usually happens to soldiers and their families at least once in their military career.  Moving to another country will give you limited options, but you will have more choices in exactly how you move if you move to another state.  Organization and planning are key wherever you move.

When you receive the news about your new military move, it is a good idea to go on the internet straight away in order to learn about the place in which you will soon be living.  Every army post comes with its own website, and the city website will also provide a wealth of information.

Some of the things that you will want to find out information about include the weather in your new city, schools, options for your new living quarters (on or off base), and community resources.  More information about your new military post can be found at Military One Source.

If you are to make a military move to another country, your household goods and vehicles will be moved for you by the military.  If the move is just to another state, the military can still move your things or you can opt to move yourself instead.