Tips for Moving with Pet Fish

Tips for Moving with Pet Fish

Moving with a cat or dog can be rather tricky, but nothing compared to the complexity of moving with pet fish. Fish tanks are notoriously expensive, bulky, and of course, filled with water and fish. If you have a fish tank, you might be wondering just how you are going to get it to your new home. Because of the filtration system, temperature concerns, and keeping your scaly friends alive, it isn’t a matter of just picking up the tank and moving it from one place to another. Bekins Moving Solutions has helped many fish-owners move their water-dwelling pets. Here are a few tips on how to move with pet fish.

Consult with Fish Professionals

Visit a local retailer of aquatic goods and explain that you have to move, the moving distance, and the type of fish you have. They will be able to give you the right supplies for doing so and advise you on how to deal with the move. Fish bags and white poly boxes are essential for moving fish. The poly boxes are going to be needed if you are moving long distance, or if the fish that you have are used to a warm water environment. The boxes are designed to ensure that the water in the bags remains at a constant temperature, and it has the added benefit of being a secure environment.

Your Transport Bags

For fish to safely remain in a bag, you will need the right water to air ratio. It is recommended in most cases that the bags contain around 25% water. This will ensure there is plenty of air circulating in the bag. Securing the bags can be done with rubber bands but if this whole process is something you have never done before then we recommend that you have a bit of practice before your move.

When to Pack Your Fish

Leave the fish in their tank until the morning of the move – the bags will give them around 12 hours before there are any issues with lack of air. Most moving companies will not handle pets of any kind so this is a job you will have to do yourself. Carefully load your fish into the bag and place them in a poly box. Start a timer on your smartphone to remind you when they need to be taken out of the bag or placed in a new bag with fresh water and air.

Packing Your Tank

Once you have your fish safely in secure bags and poly boxes, you will need to drain your tank. Save a few cups of your tank’s existing water to help establish the bacteria colony at your new home. Take out the filtration equipment and wrap separately. If you have plants inside the tank, wrap their roots in a damp paper towel and place in a Tupperware container. They should remain alive as long as their roots remain moist. Carefully wrap the tank in bubble wrap and cling wrap to minimize the risk of damage during your move.

If you would like assistance moving your fish tank, contact the moving professionals at Bekins Moving Solutions. Call (877) 594-1187 today for your free moving estimate.