Tips for Moving Your House with a Cat

Tips for Moving Your House with a Cat

Moving can be difficult for the entire family, even your feline friends. Cats are famously territorial. They can feel unsettled with the whole house full of boxes, the arrival of the moving company, and then being placed in a new environment. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to help the transition process for your cat. Bekins Moving Solutions is happy to provide you with the best tips for moving your house with a cat.

Isolate for Comfort

Cats can get easily startled by the loud noises of moving. It is best to put the cat in a room before the moving company arrives. Place some food, water, and a few of your cat’s favorite toys in the room. This can help the kitty feel comfortable despite the noise of the move. Make sure to place a sign on the door to notify anyone in your home that there is a cat in the room and the door should not be opened without first notifying you.

Utilize a Kitty Kennel

Cat kennels are a great option to help the cat feel safe and secure. It can also be useful in case the door to your room gets opened on accident. Unfortunately, during the chaos of a move, doors remain open, and your cat could escape. Placing your cat in a comfortably sized kennel is the best way to ensure your cat will not suddenly run out during your move. Your cat should be able to turn around without too much effort within the kennel. You should also have room to provide them with food and water.

Bathroom Breaks

Some moves can take hours upon hours to complete. Make sure to have a litter box available to your cat during the day. If you are keeping your cat locked in a kennel, make sure to set alarms on your phone to let your cat out to use the bathroom. This can minimize messy cleanup from accidents.

Think About Transportation

You cannot, under any circumstances, transport your cat in a moving van. Doing so would put your cat in great danger. The cat should be in a pet carrier or cage in the car with you. On a long trip, you need to make sure that the cat has regular access to water and a litter tray. Always keep your car well ventilated and never leave your cat alone in a hot car. Within minutes, a car left in the sun can become deadly.

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