Tips for moving furniture

Tips for moving furniture

When you are preparing to move your home and furniture, it is important to come up with a detailed moving checklist and overall plan for the relocation experience.  This should include a detailed and accurate budget to ensure that the costs of the move do not end up getting out of control.

You need to make certain that your inventory – your list of furniture and other items – is accurate.  This is vital not only for ensuring that you get a correct price from your moving company but also for jobs that pay by the hour.  Your moving company needs to be aware of what size truck is required and the amount of space that needs to be allocated.  You should not forget about the furniture and other items that are stored in your garden, garage and shed when you get quotes from moving companies.

For every service that you have booked in connection with your move – furniture movers, cleaning services, flight bookings and so on – you need to make sure that your booking confirmation and quotation have been delivered to you in writing and that these are kept with you at all times during the relocation.

You should also try to avoid over-scheduling.  Planning to clean your house, have the moving company in and catch an afternoon flight all on the same day is a sure-fire recipe for making moving day an absolute disaster.