Tips for Moving During the Holidays

Tips for Moving During the Holidays

The holidays are a happy and busy time of year. Everyone is shopping, decorating their homes, traveling to see family, and getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season. It might not be the most ideal time to be relocating, but sometimes situations are out of our hands and we need to make the best of the situation.

It doesn’t have to be overly stressful though. With thorough planning, your upcoming move can be a seamless transition during an otherwise hectic time of year. Check out the following list to inspire you and help you get organized:


If you happen to be moving during the winter in colder areas, take extra precautions. This goes without saying, but take your time when packing up and trekking back and forth outside with boxes. Sidewalks and roadways could be slippery or slushy. Bundle yourself up and take care of delicate possessions that may react adversely to cold weather and extreme temperature fluctuations, like houseplants.

Make sure to give yourself extra time if you are going to be driving yourself. During the holiday season, traffic will be heavier and people will be in more of a rush to get around. This will be especially true in cities where winter is in full gear. The last thing you want is to get into an accident during the holidays in an unfamiliar area. This includes booking the moving service well in advance. It is best not to take chances during the holiday season.

Pets & Kids

This one can be a major hurdle to figure out and plan around. Either securing a daycare service or relying on friends and family will be the only options here. Make sure to ask/book in advance and then check the week prior. Due to the holiday season, a lot of people will be going on vacation and most daycare facilities will be booked solid. Make sure that whoever is watching your pets or children understands that you may face unexpected delays and be late by a few hours.

Get Help

Try and organize some helping hands to assist in your move. Even though it is the holidays having those extra bodies will help speed up your move. Having those extra helping hands will also prevent anyone from overexerting themselves as they now have help. Remember bend with your knees!

Forwarding Address

More than likely friends and family will be sending gifts and cards to you during the holiday season. Make life easier on your self and contact your local post office and advise them of your new address. They can set up a forwarding address for a small fee and they will automatically route and future mail to that new address. Chance are bills will also be coming during the holiday season – and you definitely don’t want to miss those!


Moving during the holidays can be a stressful experience. Just make sure to follow the above steps and you are sure to experience a stress-free move during the holidays. You can always hire a moving company, like Bekins Moving Solutions that will take care of all your needs from packing to unpacking.