Tips for moving day

Tips for moving day

Moving day is a very hectic time, but you can minimize the stress that you might otherwise experience by getting a number of things done ahead of time.  Here are a few ideas for making sure that the actual day of the move goes as smoothly as it possibly can.

You will obviously have to take your luggage with you when you move, so why not make use of it as a container?  The same also applies to dresser drawers.  You might have to remove them in order for them to be shifted by the moving company, but they can be very useful to hold more lightweight items.  A portable wardrobe box is also a good idea for delicate apparel that you really do not want to have to fold up.

You should get a kit for the day of the move prepared ahead of time.  This is the box that you will use for the essentials that will be needed on the day of the move, such as cleaning supplies, toilet paper, a change of clothes, toiletry bag, light bulbs and garbage bags.  Make sure you are ready to go when the moving company arrives on the doorstep.

Make sure that you have somewhere safe to put your valuables on moving day.  Anything that is breakable or particularly valuable should be insured, especially if you are using a moving company.  Quickly backup your important files if you are moving a computer, just in case.